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Philly OT
Providing Occupational Therapy services to the Philadelphia area since 2012.

Occupational Therapy Services


Gross/Fine Motor Skills, Core Strength, & Handwriting 

These are the skills that most people think of with typical occupational therapy.  Overall, these skills fit together in tandem.  Motor planning and core strength lead to the most fluent movements and postural stability for a child to attend during play & class time. Fine motor skills enable a child to become independent in playing, getting dressed, creating art, and eventually handwriting.


Sensory Processing Services

Sensory processing begins with the central nervous system… but it often looks on the outside that a child is overwhelmed by lights that are too bright, sounds that are too loud, clothing that is too itchy, or a myriad of other “sensory differences.” Our goals are for your child to be able to integrate into the environment seamlessly.  

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Feeding & Eating Services 

Eating involves all 5 of our senses.  It's tricky... there are many steps to eating, not just picking up the food and eating it.  There are several reasons why eating can be hard:  lack of oral motor skill, sensory differences, & power struggles are just a few.  Jenna tends to use a sensory desensitization approach to feeding with intrinsic values with a family focused approach. The goal is for the child to increased variety of texture of foods while increasing the variety of food the child willingly accepts through a child centered approach. It's imperative that each feeding session is tailored to the individual child.  In tandem, generalization of the new skills will be transferred to the family for home success as well.    


Developmental & Relationship Based Therapy

When a child is engaged with someone and having fun, they tend to work harder therefore gaining the skills they require to make strides developmentally all while building relationships.

D.I.R. stands for Developmental, Individual, Relationship-Based and is a model that focuses on identifying the functional emotional developmental capacities of your child.  D.I.R./Floortime based therapy is a child-centered approach focusing on a play based nurturing environment in order for your child to grow and learn developmentally as well as from a social-emotional standpoint.  

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Social Skills Groups

More to come in the coming months! However, we are looking to host an all-girls social skills group in the Fairmount area of Philly.    


Group Feeding Therapy

Do you think your child would benefit from having a snack/meal with peers to help expand the variety of foods they consume?  This group will focus on peer interactions using the same foods for the entire group through food exploration and play.  Please email if you're interested in this for your child so that we can curate the groups to best benefit each child and the group.